First Tabernacle Beth El, Atlanta

First Tabernacle Beth El, Atlanta

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Elder Raymond Madison, Jr., Local Pastor
571 Irwin Street, Atlanta, GA 30312
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History of the Tabernacle

Prophet Williams S. Crowdy ordained Elder Alexander Dawson in 1904 and sent him to establish a local mission in the Deep South. He worked arduously to set up a model tabernacle in Georgia. By the 1907 Assembly, Elder Dawson reported 28 members.

First Tabernacle in Atlanta was officially incorporated March 21, 1910. By 1912, the congregation continued growth and purchased four lots (numbers 567, 569, 571 and 107) at the corner of Irwin and Bradley Streets in the heart of Atlanta. The lots were allocated for use as a house of worship, parsonage, senior housing and rental home for the saints. Today, Atlanta Tabernacle owns 6 lots from 571 Irwin Street to 591 Irwin Street), an entire block located in the historic Martin Luther King Jr. district. The tabernacle stands on 581 Irwin Street.

Local Pastors after Elder Dawson included Elder Samuel Gains, Deacon Samson Copeland (Deacon in Charge), Elder Isaac Hart, Elder Andrew Hart, Elder (Rabbi) Curtis G. Caldwell, Evangelist J. David Morrison (Interim), Deacon Howard Fears (Deacon-in-Charge), Elder Henry Brent, Brother William Scott (Brother-in-Charge), Elder John Eaves, Jr., Elder Franklin H. Benson, Elder Kenneth A. Roberts, and Elder Khari E. Jeffries, Sr. (Interim) – 2019 – 2021. Elder Raymond Madison Jr. currently serves as local pastor.

 Our God-centered services include preaching anchored with encouragement and instruction for daily living. The melodious sound from the choir further amplifies the word of God through soul stirring “a cappella” singing. Members are also encouraged to study the word of God, through Sabbath School classes for children and adults and strive to live according to God’s purpose.  We endeavor to offer a worship experience that leaves you enriched, spiritually uplifted, morally invigorated, and inspired.

 First Tabernacle’s rich history is steeped in faith, dedication and community service.  We willingly engage in human betterment, true fellowship and deeds of kindness via Feed the Hungry Ministries; Education Ministries – Back to School & Thanksgiving outreach; and Senior Care Ministries.

We are more than a tabernacle building; we are a family of believers who worship in an atmosphere where social and economic status does not define us.  All are welcomed.